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Our skilled artisans strive to create unique designs that reflect simple lifestyles. With more than 60 years combined experience in woodwork and concrete crafting, our products are superior examples of American custom furnishings and decor.

Our designs incorporate solid concrete tops on weather sealed wine barrels. Each table is handcrafted with full customization available. These space defining furnishings are the centerpiece of any patio, deck, or indoor space.


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Our Design Team

Jeremy Wilkerson is a former board member of the Concrete Polishing Association of America as well as a CPAA Certified Craftsman. He is a noted master stone and terrazzo polisher, and has contributed articles to Concrete Decor Magazine. His award winning designs have earned him recognition as a world renowned artisan and Master Craftsman.

Roy Spence is a Master Carpenter ad expert handyman with over 20 years experience in woodworking and cabinet making. He is certified with Koster and Trinic as a concrete systems fabricator and installer, as well as a trained floor polishing and maintenance technician.

Scott Johnson has spent more than 25 years in construction and cabinet making. His expertise as both a lawn and hardscape designer lends itself to creating outdoor custom furnishings that are both beautiful and functional.

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  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • All weather concrete tops

  • Made to last a lifetime

  • Space Defining

  • Mobile

  • Weather resistant base

  • Superior Craftsmanship

  • Full customization available

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