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With over 20 years experience in the sanitation industry, our experts at American Restroom Refinement set the bar in customer satisfaction. As an independently owned family business, we excel at tailoring our services to meet your individual needs. 

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Regardless of facility type, dirty, foul restrooms are a major problem. Customers leave the, visitors fear them, students avoid them, and employees hate them -- for very good reasons. They're not only offensive, but the're unhealthy and unsafe too. Worse, restroom contaminants often make their way throughout the whole building. 

Unfortunately, most public and commercial restroom cleaning is still centered around mops, and that's the problem. Mops are perfect for painting the floors with soils and contaminants, but they're horribly ineffective at removing them. They're also painfully slow. 

A number of attempts have been made over the years to improve mopping for restroom cleaning, like double buckets, filtering mechanisms, and so on. But they don't really solve the problem. Even microfiber, while it may enable some process improvements, makes a better spreader than remover. 

Remove the soil, Remove the problem.

The only way to truly address the problem is to physically remove the soil from the surface. Period. That's why our touchless deep clean bathroom services are designed from the start for rapid, complete soil removal. In fact, they are scientifically proven to be 30-60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than other methods.

What we do to save you money

At American Restroom Refinement ,we offer deep cleaning and sanitation services for your restrooms and floors. Our service visits use a powerful touch-less system that goes much father, and lasts longer than regular bathroom cleaning. 

A customer's entire visit can be ruined by an unsanitary bathroom. Studies show that up to 78% of adults will not return to an establishment with a dirty bathroom. A simple mopping does not cut it anymore.

Online reviews are becoming more critical to average consumers, and are hurting both large and small businesses.

Out bi-weekly or monthly services remove the grime and bacteria that constantly build up in restrooms to keep your customers coming back.




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